About us

DarziWare Platform delivers a broad range of capabilities that would otherwise require multiple disconnected solutions.

Founded in JAN 2016, DarziWare Technologies is a company with a vision to deliver easy to use, affordable, world-class software products for custom tailoring industry with a special focus on Global Market. DarziWare Technologies is founded by two experienced persons in the software industry with a collective experience of over 20+ years across Indian service providers and global MNCs. DarziWare is ideally positioned to take advantage of the increase in penetration of internet and mobile, continued changing the Traditional Tailroing into Computerised Tailoring Management, and shift towards professionally managed custom tailoring to become a credible player in this segment.

How Can DarziWare Help You ?

Changing the way you CATER

DarziWare offers premium resources to make your people, operations and customer services thrive including onboarding services, support, and consulting. We will change the way you look at managed custom tailoring. Help us understand your goals so we can show you how we can align our technology and experience to optimize your business.

Increasing REVENUE Year Over Year

The DarziWare Platform is proven to help increase profitability and grow custom tailoring businesses. The Darziware Effect is our maturity model that illustrates how our clients achieve these results.

CONTROL - Save Time and Money, While Pleasing Employees and Customers

Implementing the DarziWare Platform gets chaos under control and brings accuracy and accountability into your business. With our platform you can begin to manage your bottom line – saving time, money, and resources.

TRACK – Observe Trends and Make Informed Decisions as You Plan for the Future

The robust reporting and forecasting features allow you to make informed business decisions. You can leverage your own data to research and identify trends. Once you’re acquainted with your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, you can develop strategies to reduce costs and increase profits.

PROSPER – Promote and Grow Your Business with Built-in Tools

The DarziWare Platform not only has the tools to help clients plan for promotion, it also has tools to help them execute their plan. Now you can focus on the three drivers of business growth – increasing the number of customers, the frequency of purchase, and the number of units sold.

SCALE – Repeatable Processes Make Managing Multiple Locations Possible

With a thriving, efficient business you can think about expanding. Whether it’s adding a second location or managing a multi-unit operation, the DarziWare Platform gives you the tools you need.

Who should use Darziware ?

DarziWare can be used by any custom tailor even if his business is at small or large scale. DarziWare has features which offer great value to the owners & customers, the team maintaining the workshop (Cutter/Master, Tailors, Hemming & Ironing group, Embroidory workers etc), Outsourced units and accountants. You can check out the details of our offerings in our features.