Business Managemant for Tailoring Software

Business Management

  • Gateway to your Custom Tailoring Store on the internet.
  • Get a landing page for your store online - with easy to remember urls.
  • Social Publicity Platform - Cusotmers can Share reviews and feedback of your world class service on FaceBook, Twitter etc.
  • Automatic Dashboard for all cutomers, give them freedom to access their orders online.


Strong Data Security for Tailoring Software

Strong Data Security

  • Flexible Role Management providing granular access to functionality, improving information and data security.
  • DarziWare provides "Administrator" for every feature - such as Sales Administrator, Marketing Administrator, Accounting Administrator, Workshop Management Administrator, Delivery Management Administrator and so on for every feature.
  • Multiple role system enables fine grain access control, enabling strong data security - and making information available only on need to know basis.
  • A super user role of "Business Administrator" who is the overall authority of the portal is provided.
  • Employees can be assigned multiple Administrator Roles - helps in seggregation of responsibilities.
  • Multiple users can be assigned as Administrators of same module - helps in effective delegation of responsibilities.
  • Members can switch between roles - for every role, a customized interface to perform operations specific to that role is provided.


Workshop for tailoring software


  • Maintain list of WORKERS SEGGREGATED on the basis of their pay structure like salaried, out sourced, Per Piece Fixed, Per Peice Commissioned and easily reach out to them whenever needed.
  • Map a worker to multiple items (Shirt, Kurta, Payjama, trousers, Coat, Blazer) based on his skill set.
  • Assign single / Bulk item/s to a worker at a time.
  • Workshop Administrator can view the list of workers and their work load on a single click and send them a delivery reminder sms to all of them via DarziWare.
  • DeActivate existing worker whenever the term concludes and Add a new worker whenever required.
  • Add unlimited workshop employees without any restriction.


home delivery for tailoring software

Home Service

  • Directory of Orders, Invoices - Maintain information that makes reaching out to each record much easier.
  • Track the Order Status from the order directory itself by a single click.
  • Listing of all items with workshop status (In-Process, Ready for Trial[RFT], Ready for Delivery[RFD], Delivered) & worker details.
  • Maintain information on How the delivery has to happen, In-Store or Home Delivery, and Who is the assigned delivery Boy.
  • Invoice can be sent as PDF on customer's Email from the directory itself.
  • Excuse SMS will be automatically sent to customers, if the item is not ready on delivery date.
  • Administrators can send Manual Excuse SMS to customer if needed.