Best Tailoring Store Software

A more efficient and accurate business saves you time spent tracking down slips of paper, squeezing in last minute changes, and apologizing for messed up orders. Additionally, online payments and editable invoices make billing easier than ever before.

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Improves Employee Morale,Integrated Solution

DarziWare Platform improves the lives of Masters, Tailors and other Back End Assisting professionals. Streamlined processes and accurate orders reduce stress and increase morale. And an online order tracking system with built-in business rules increases lead time, so your staff isn’t constantly using heroics to get through the day.

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A Perfect Solution,Increases Efficiency

DarziWare integrates various dimensions of managing a Custom Tailoring Business such as managing orders, tracking trials and deliveries, managing day-to-day workshop operations, Track Financial Transactions, Smooth Workshop Accounting, Asset Management, Payroll, and most importantly bringing the entire business management online.

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Increases Sales,More Accurate

Now you have a reliable system of record. The DarziWare Platform captures all of your data – orders, workshop activities, messages, payments, invoices, etc. And every order generates measurement and consumeable sheets, ensuring orders are prepared and delivered to customer specifications.

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Introducing a Modern Tailoring Tool with an Unbeatable Reliability and Effective Business Management

Increase profitability and grow your custom tailoring business with proven platform of Darziware.

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Stimulate Growth

Rely on our highly configurable software to gain better insights and make data driven decisions.Transform your business to experience a technology integrated business model from a traditional custom tailoring.

Easy To Learn

System Architecture of DarziWare is designed with accordance to the versitality of the Custom Tailoring domain, which indeed makes it very easy to learn & operate.

Effective Management

Computerised Tailoring means answer to you business challenges, thus it needs to me really effective and growth oriented. Darziware has passed this criteria with aprreciation for its user friendly design and the management model.

Flexible Operations

Alike Retail industry, Custom Tailoring has no standard process defination, every tailor wish to define his own business model. Darziware gives you flexible management technique, you won't need to change your traditional management process.

Know About us

DarzeeWare is a web-based computer-aided business management solution for custom tailors, Fashion Designers and Ladies Boutiques. Launched in JAN 2016, has been appreciated extremely well by Bespoke Tailors and Fashion Designers across the globe. Within a very short span of 5 months, the software got good recognitions and is among the top five products in India for Custom Tailoring Industry.

Our Mission and Vision

To Establish Ourselves as Globally Recognized and Most Reliable IT Partner for Customer Tailors.

Focused To Serve IT Enabled Custom Tailoring Businesses Across the Globe.